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Paint Protection Film (COMING SOON)

Paint Protection Film

Have we ever had the bad experience of finding some damage to the paint on the body of our vehicle, which causes discomfort and a high repair cost. At Apolo Window Tint, we offer you the solution, we have the Paint Protection Film service with which you can prevent paint damage for discoloration, scratches, bird excrement, among others. Also, we can take this service to the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are. The PPF could be applied on the entire vehicle or to the parts that are at more risk.

Basically, Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a solution to protect your vehicle, it consists of a protective layer that acts as an invisible barrier, which preserves the original paint so that it remains intact over time.

Know our product

At Apolo Window Tint we are representatives of the FlexFilm brand who offer a solution against small impacts and scratches on your car’s paint, with an exceptional finish and ten year warranty.

Know our product

  • By installing PPF technology in your vehicle, you will not only be protecting your paint against external damage, but you will be giving your vehicle an improved shine and finish look, when the light passes through the film, it illuminates the color of the paint giving an appearanceof mirror.
  • This type of sheets generates a hydrophobic effect, making any liquid that is on it not leave a mark on the bodywork
  • Offers high strength.
  • They are self-regenerative, they are capable of self-regenerating with heat or over time when there is the presence of superficial micro-scratches.

How much does a PPF cost?